Attacking Mastermind with GM Bryan Smith

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Attacking Mastermind with GM Bryan Smith

Size in compressed (RAR) :1.3 GB


Attacking Mastermind with GM Bryan Smith

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Size in compressed (RAR) :1.3 GB

Running Time :10 hours


INTRO Introduction to Attacking Chess
Sacrifices to Attack the Castle Position I
Keres-Wadek: Unusual Permutation of Greek Gift Sacrifice
Nikolic-Fischer: How to use a “nail” as a very powerful attacking force?

CHAPTER 2 Sacrifices to Attack the Castle Position II
Boleslavsky-Ufimtsev: Confluence attacks
Velimirovic-Nikolic: Attacking the Sicilian Formation

CHAPTER 3 Sacrifices to Attack the Castle Position III and Knights
Rublevsky-Blagojevic: Typical “breaking the pin” sacrifice
Tolush-Kotov: Methods used to build up an attacking position
Smith-Gedajlovic: Greek Gift Sacrifice – Classic Approach

CHAPTER 4 Krasenkow-Nakamura: Unexpected Queen Sacrifice
Lasker-Lee: Queen’s Side Castle Attack
Espig-Zinn: Chasing the King across the board

CHAPTER 5 King in the Center I
Smith-Banikas: How to gain an initiative with a well-timed Sacrifice
Smith-Lapshun: Making potential homes of the opponent’s king uninhabitable
Morefield-Smith: Surprising pawn sacrifice in the opening

CHAPTER 6 King in the Center II
Wei Yi-Inarkiev: King in the Center – Positional Concessions
Smith-Figler: Taking over the initiative
Kumsiashvili-Smith: Energizing the pieces with a Sacrifice

CHAPTER 7 Strategic Basis of the Attack
Samuelson-Smith: Developing the attack
Katz-Smith: Opening up files and diagonals
Petrosian-Estrin: Petrosian’s Attack

CHAPTER 8 The attack in Simplified Positions
Smith-Ostovic: Queenless Attack
Timman-Kasparov: Kasparov’s Attacking Techniques
Alekhine-Bogoljubow: Alekhine’s Art of Attack

CHAPTER 9 Counterattack
Shaposhnikov-Bastrikov: Sharp Counter Attacking
Lutikov-Taimanov: Battle of Attack and Defense


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