Fight Like Magnus: The Sicilian

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Fight Like Magnus: The Sicilian

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Course stats

For: black pieces
Recommended for: Casual players Intermediate players Advanced players Expert players
Language: English
Instruction: 79,836 words
Paid video: 21 hours
Quickstart variations: 40
Trainable variations: 458
Informational variations: 10
Avg. line depth: 15.12
Section: 🎓 Titled player

Files you get after paid (over 20 hours):

01 Quickstarter Guide.mp4
02 Sveshnikov Sidelines.mp4
03 Sveshnikov 7.Nd5.mp4
04 Sveshnikov 9.Bxf6, 11.c3 and others.mp4
05 Sveshnikov 9.Bxf6, 11.Bd3.mp4
06 Sveshnikov 9.Nd5 sidelines.mp4
07 Sveshnikov 9.Nd5 with 11.c3.mp4
08 Rossolimo with 4.Bxc6.mp4
09 Rossolimo without 4.Bxc6.mp4
10 Alapin.mp4
11 Closed Sicilian Grand Prix Attack and others.mp4
12 Sidelines On Move 2.mp4
13 Sidelines on Move 3.mp4
14 Model Games Sveshnikov.mp4
15 Model Games Anti-Sicilians.mp4


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