Empire Chess 61-80

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Volume 61: Beating the Grunfeld Defense with the 5. h4!? Gambit – GM Timur Gareev
Volume 62: Beating the Slav Defense with the 7. g4!? Gambit – GM Timur Gareev
Volume 63: Beating the Nimzo-Indian Defense with 4. Qc2 – GM Timur Gareev
Volume 64: Destroy the Sicilian Defense – Master the Bb5 System – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 65: Bb5 Systems to Destroy the Sicilian Defense – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 66: Converting Advantages – How to Convert Advantages in Chess – FM Alisa Melekhina
Volume 67: Defend like a Super Grandmaster – GM Maxim Dlugy
Volume 68: Crushing Black with the King’s Gambit – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 69: Crushing White with the Schliemann Gambit – GM Sam Shankland
Volume 70: GM Crushing Attacks – GM Maxim Dlugy
Volume 71: Ultra Deep Strategy – Techniques Of The Super GMS – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 72: Learn To Defend As A GM – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 73: Super GM’S Guide To Positional Chess – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 74: Aggressive Attacks: The Most Aggressive Attacks In History – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 75: How Super GMs Think – Change your Mindset! – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 76: Middlegame Transition Guide: How GMs Transition From Opening to Middlegame – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 77: Attack Like a Super GM – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 78: Counterattack Like a Super GM – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 79: Super GM Tactics – GM Damian Lemos
Volume 80: Killer Combinations – GM Damian Lemos


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