End game magic 1-30

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End game magic 1-30 (playchess videos)

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2011-11-14 Endgame Magic Vol-1 with Alexei Shirov
2011-12-13 Endgame Magic Vol-2 with Shirov and Danielsen
2012-01-10 Endgame Magic Vol-3
2012-02-02 Endgame Magic Vol 4 Endgames from Wijk aan Yee
2012-03-15 Endgame Magic Vol 5 with Daniel King Examples from recent tournaments
2012-04-03 Endgame Magic Vol 6 with Sabrina Chevannes Examples from recent tournaments Euro-ch
2012-05-10 Endgame Magic Vol 7 Examples from Anand and Gelfand
2012-06-05 Endgame Magic Vol 8 World Championship Anand and Gelfand
2012-07-03 Endgame Magic Vol 9 Tal Memorial with WFM Sabrina Chevannes
2012-08-07 Endgame Magic Vol 10 Recent Rook Endgames with Pascal Simon
2012-08-21 Endgame Magic Vol 11 with IM Andrew Martin
2012-09-18 Endgame Magic Vol 12 Olympic Endgames
2012-10-23 Endgame Magic Vol 13 Short’s short cut
2012-11-12 Endgame Magic Vol 14 Bundesliga review with Alexei Shirov
2012-11-13 Endgame Magic Vol 15 with Valeri Lilov
2012-12-11 Endgame Magic Vol 16 with GM Dejan Bojkov
2013-01-08 Endgame Magic Vol 17 with IM Sam Collins
2013-01-29 Endgame Magic Vol 18 with GM Lubomir Ftacnik
2013-02-18 Endgame Magic Vol 19 with GM Daniel King
2013-04-11 Endgame Magic Vol 20 with IM Andrew Martin
2013-04-18 Endgame Magic Vol 21 with Alejandro Ramirez
2013-05-16 Endgame Magic Vol 22 Bishops and Rooks
2013-06-06 Endgame Magic 23 with Sergey Tiviakov
2013-06-13 Endgame Magic 24 with Adrian Mikhalchishin
2013-06-20 Endgame Magic 25 with Mihail Marin
2013-07-04 Endgame Magic 26 Tal Memorial Endgames
2013-09-17 Endgame Magic 29 Peter Heine Nielsen
2013-10-24 Endgame Magic 30 with Robert Ris


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