The Karpov Master Method

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The Karpov Method – GM Anatoly Karpov Master Method

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The Karpov Method – GM Anatoly Karpov Master Method

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Size in compressed (RAR) :500 MB

Video running time: about 15 hours

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Part 1: Middlegame Strategy

Chapter 1: Karpov’s Early Games and Classics

Chapter 2: The Bishop Pair

Chapter 3: Fighting Against the Bishop Pair

Chapter 4: Opposite-Colored Bishops in the Middlegame

Chapter 5: Passed Pawns

Chapter 6: Pawn Structure

Chapter 7: Space Advantage

Chapter 8: Counterattacking

Chapter 9: Defending the King

Chapter 10: Tactics and Combinations (Queen- and Rook Sacrifices)

Part 2: Endgames

Chapter 1: Bishop Endgames

Chapter 2: Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

Chapter 3: Rook Endgames

Chapter 4: Rook and Knight Endgames

Chapter 5: Rook and Bishop vs Rook and Knight

Chapter 6: Queen Endgames

Chapter 8: Queen and Knight vs Queen and Bishop Endgames

 Chapter 9: Rook and Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

Bonus: Interview with Anatoly Karpov 


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